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Manny’s always carried a huge amount of supplies and hats from a variety of manufacturers. As the manufacturers overseas became stronger and plentiful, the manufacturers in the USA dwindled. If I were to survive, I would either have to import hats from overseas, or become a manufacturer myself. I decided that there were enough hats arriving from overseas and wanted to have control over quality, production, and creativity. In 1995, we opened our own blocking plant with both wood blocks and hat stamping machines. Five years later, we took over the flower factory that used to manufacture our flowers and moved it into New York City. We were an all inclusive vertical business and enjoyed years of importing materials, supplying the industry, designing hats & trimmings, and contract manufacturing for other companies.

We carried on the millinery tradition for years , but little by little, we began to see the imports becoming stronger and stronger as they began to take over the industry. As 2008 was approaching, it became evident that I would also have to import hats and trimmings from overseas in order to compete with the lower prices, but after 33 years in the industry, I decided that it was not what I wanted to do. In 2008 I sold the factories and closed our showroom, but decided to keep our store alive and active.

At present we are selling off our stock of felt bodies, straw bodies, trimmings that we manufactured, feathers, veiling, machinery, and our other stock merchandise. We continue to carry and stock certain trimmings, flowers, bridal supplies, veiling, and other related items. Keep checking our website as we have a lot of items that we will be posting on here and if you don't see what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to ask.

Howard Manny

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Manny's Millinery was founded in 1948 by my father, E. Manny. Although the industry began its decline in the 40’s, there was a great hustle and bustle in the millinery district of New York City. I remember those days, as my father used to bring me into work sometimes on a Saturday. The shelves, bins, boxes, and tables were filled with beads, trimmings, straws, fabrics, and a variety of things that I haven't seen in many years. Our store was always filled with people picking and buying.

In 1976, I joined my dad in the millinery business. I learned the trade throughout the years and it has become the foundation of which Manny’s is run and operated today. My father has been gone since 1990 but I'm grateful for the training, knowledge and life experience that I have gained working at his side.